Pizza is the go-to for lazy nights, party food, comfort food, etc. The world would be very different if it weren’t for the invention of pizza. The best part is that everyone is sure to find a pizza style they like since there are so many different types of pizza. If you aren’t sure what different types of pizza exist, then Empire Slice Shop has created this blog for YOU! Now, we could tell ya that the best type of pizza is NY style pizza, but to avoid being biased on what the most popular style of pizza is, we’ll let you read and you can decide for yourself whether or not Empire’s NY pizza is the best. Keep reading to learn the difference between different types of pizza.


The Real Differences Between Different Types of Pizza

In the descriptions below, we have included original traditional ingredients for purposes of explaining the original styles of pizza and how their inventors intended them to be made. However, that’s not to take away from the various other things you could add to any one of these pizza styles.


1. Neapolitan Type Pizza

The Neapolitan pizza is the very first pizza, and it dates back to the 1800s. Traditional Neapolitan pizzas, also sometimes referred to as a Margherita pizza, consists of tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil, oregano and/or garlic. If you want to learn why this pizza is famously referred to as the Margherita pizza, visit our blog page!


2. Sicilian Type Pizza

The Sicilian pizza is a soft, pillowy dough that’s typically presented in little squares. The outer crust is popular when made crunchy and features robust tomato sauce. The Sicilian style pizza is served either with or without cheese on the top, depending on your preference. However, it is guaranteed that a layer of cheese will be perfectly melted between the bread and sauce as a way to prevent the pizza bread from becoming soggy.


3. Greek Type Pizza

Greek pizza, created by the Greeks (DUH!), goes up against the Italian pizza, but is one of the most popular styles of pizza in the New England states. Traditionally, Greek style pizza has a thick, chewy crust which is only achieved by cooking the pizza in a shallow pan. Greek pizza is known for being generous with sauce and a little lighter on the toppings. However, that’s not to say that Greek’s don’t know how to “accessorize”. Popular toppings on Greek style pizza include mozzarella, cheddar, and/or provolone, feta cheese, red onions, black olives, and of course a tangy tomato paste. 


4. NYC Type Pizza

Can you guess what we’re describing? A large, foldable yet crispy outer crust, in the shape of a triangle. Since its creation in 1905 it has one of the most popular pizzas in America … Any guesses? What else could it be other than New York Pizza?! Traditional NY pizza toppings include tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and anchovies. NYC style pizza lovers favor this specific pizza style because there’s so much room to add even more toppings. YUM! Also due to the fact that traditional New York pizza is cooked in a stove oven, makes it THAT much more delicious!


5. Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago style pizza was invented in the 1900s with the Neapolitan style pizza acting as inspiration. Traditional Chicago pizza toppings include ground beef, sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushroom, green peppers, all UNDER a layer of tomato sauce. That’s right, the tomato sauce goes on TOP of the other pizza ingredients, which might not sound appealing if you’re used to a more typical pizza. Visit our blogs page to read a direct comparison of New York Style pizza and Chicago style pizza. Deep-dish Chicago pizza is a must try if you’re ever in the windy city and want a different type of pizza.


6. St. Louis Style Pizza

St. Louis style pizza is made without yeast, making a perfectly thin, cracker-like crust–which is what it’s most known for. St. Louis style pizza is known as a top party flavor since its three inch rectangles make it a convenient finger food. Italian immigrants were largely influenced by Milan and Sicilian culture in the 19th century, hence the pizza sauce being sweeter, making it popular in Sicily. Other traditional pizza toppings include provolone cheese and oregano.


7. California Style Pizza

A list of unusual ingredients is what makes up the California style pizza. Unusual ingredients like mustard, ricotta, red pepper, pate, etc. Lucky for the chef who created it in the 1970s, there was a huge fan base for pizza with unusual ingredients. Over 250 unique pizza recipes were created as the result. California pizza is one of the more different types of pizza out there as there are no traditional pizza toppings for a California style pizza. The whole point of this pizza style is that it’s whatever you want it to be! Put any toppings you want on a pizza and call it California style pizza!


8. Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit style pizza is inspired by the city’s automotive industry because the first Detroit-style pizza was baked in a square automotive parts pan back in the 1940s. (Cool, right?!) This pizza is typically made with an even spread of brick cheese, on top of pepperoni, and is topped off with the sauce–similar to the Chicago style pizza. This pizza crust is well known for its extra crispy exterior and airy interior.


Different Types Of Pizza are at Empire Slice Shop Nichols Hills

Now that you have a clear comparison between the different types of pizza, which one is your favorite? If you still aren’t sure then stop by Empire Slice Shop in Nichols Hills. We specialize in different culinary creations of NYC style pizza. Visit our website to view our full menus, to order pizza online, see our different pizza place locations, see our daily pizza slices, apply for a job, or just to keep up with us on Instagram. Stop by our pizza place and enjoy a slice of one of our different types of pizzas today!



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