Is it cold outside? Car is out of gas? Not feeling social interaction? The fridge, empty or not, is not being utilized unless it’s for leftover food that was delivered. There are hundreds of excuses not to cook, not to go to the store, and not to go pick up your own food. Food that delivers just seems more satisfying because it reminds you of Mom bringing the dinner plate over to you on the couch just as the movie is starting. There are many benefits of ordering pizza online. It relieves the process of all ten friends getting to the restaurant and presents the opportunity for a night at home with no stress besides how long the delivery will take. 

Empire Slice House has multiple locations in Oklahoma with two in Oklahoma City alone. If you don’t live right next to the restaurant that is okay because each location offers online orders for pickup or delivery through Doordash. In what has always seemed like an easy process, Empire Slice House has made its order online process simple, self-explanatory, and with a variety-filled menu!


Placing An Order Online

When you order food online, you are entering the restaurant virtually. The website is the company’s way of welcoming you into the restaurant and saying, “Pick whatever you want”. You now have the opportunity to work your way through the website  picking how much pepperoni you want on one half and how many jalapenos on the other. Oh, you want light sauce and thin crust, just select that option. You also have the ability to see pictures, while sitting on your couch, of the meal you are about to eat 

To order pizza online from Empire Slice House all you have to do is look up their website, find your nearest location, build your own personal pie or pick one of their signature pizzas, pay, and then enjoy. The benefits of ordering food online are numerous. One because it is easy and quick. Two, you can see every extra additive or option for ordering. Three, something that was enhanced during the pandemic, which is minimal human contact. Whether that is because of illness or lack of social battery, everyone wins. Four, fiscal reasons, such as only having money for the pizza and not for the travel to the shop. Five, the safety of not leaving your home. 


Online Order Delivery

Ordering out or finding food that delivers used to be quite popular prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, especially with the utilization of companies such as DoorDash or Uber Eats. When the outbreak did occur, the benefits of ordering pizza online was put on a pedestal. Pizza restaurant doors were closing along with the country, but people still wanted to eat out. It became the norm to order pizza online, pick up chicken curbside, or have your dinner placed at your doorstep instead of being handed to you. Because of the increase of online food orders, a lot of companies’ websites have been making their online order simpler and quicker. The flow of the process should be seamless from start to finish, from the second you look at the website, to the tip you give your delivery person to the reveal of your delivered food. 

Having DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc., excelled in the process of online food orders and equipped restaurants with the tools to reach and feed more people who otherwise wouldn’t have even known about a place, price, or promotion. Creating an account is also very easy and allows for third-party ordering through restaurants such as Empire Slice House. 


Online Ordering At Empire Slice House 

With multiple pizza place locations in populated Oklahoma cities such as Tulsa, OKC, and Edmond, there are plenty of opportunities to find a slice. Whether you order online and pick it up on your way home or have that delivery driver go 30 miles out of his way, you can find a pie. Build your own online order, try a signature pie, or come by one of the nearest locations to you. For more information, apparel, and of course, online ordering pizza, visit our website and see our menu below. We hope you enjoy our pizza and online ordering experience!



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