Like we have mentioned time and time again in our other blogs, the world would be a very different place if pizza were not a part of it. Pizza is a favorite for almost everyone because of the flexibility of its ingredients. You’re almost guaranteed to find a pizza style that’s just right for you! Never underestimate the ability of a normal pizza to become a full on gourmet meal! All it takes is the right combination of sauce, cheese, crust, and of course toppings. Below we have created a list of the top most popular pizzas in America so you are able to see direct comparisons between each of the different styles of pizza.


Top 10 Most Popular Pizzas In America

The list of the most popular pizzas in America, we have provided below, is not in any specific order. These are just the top 10 most popular pizzas in America to order.


1. Cheese Pizza

“A lovely cheese pizza, just for me”- Kevin, Home Alone 


Many of us instantly think of the scene in Home Alone where Kevin orders a large cheese pizza just for him – classic! The fact that cheese pizza is on this list of most popular pizzas in America, shouldn’t come as a surprise. It will always be considered a classic, simple masterpiece with just a few ingredients. 


2. Pepperoni Pizza

Again, the fact that pepperoni pizza has made this list should not be a surprise at all. Containing all the simple ingredients that a cheese pizza has, plus a little delicious pepperoni to make sure you’re getting your protein. 


3. Meat Lovers Pizza

It’s common sense that Americans love their meat. So why wouldn’t there be a meat lovers pizza?! If you’ve never ventured past pepperoni pizza, but you’re looking for a bit more flavor, then meat lovers pizza is right up your alley! This type of pizza typically features a pile of ground beef, pepperoni, and sausage, all on a layer of cheese and pizza sauce.


4. Margherita Pizza

The Margherita pizza is a pizza staple in Italy. It was one of the very first types of pizzas ever invented (see our blog about the history of pizza). The Margherita pizza might look fairly simple, but don’t be deceived because this beauty is packed full of flavors. Its ingredients include fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, all combined in a specific order to create a delicious pizza slice. 


5. Veggie Pizza

Adding veggies to your pizza might not sound very appealing, but it sure does add color and texture to your meal. Veggies are the perfect toppings because the only thing that limits what you can put on it is your own doing! Popular toppings for veggie pizzas include mushrooms, peppers, onions, and eggplant! 


6. BBQ Chicken Pizza

Do you love pizza? Do you love BBQ chicken? Then you would LOVE a BBQ Chicken Pizza! It is exactly what it sounds like: BBQ sauce replaces the tomato sauce and instead of traditional meat toppings like pepperoni, chicken takes its place. Cheese is also placed on it of course, along with any other toppings you like. 


7. Buffalo Pizza

Just like the BBQ Chicken pizza substitutes the tomato sauce, a Buffalo pizza substitutes it with buffalo sauce! Its spiciness and saltiness mixed with the buttery goodness crunch of its crust makes this type of pizza to die for!


8. Supreme Pizza

The Supreme Pizza is for those who like any and all types of pizza toppings! “Supreme” refers to the plethora of toppings that can typically be found on this type of pizza like pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, peppers, ground beef, and anything else you can think of!


9. The Works Pizza

The Works is for those who want a Supreme Pizza and more! The Works is a level up in toppings and flavor. The additional toppings that come on this type of pizza include spinach, peppers, olives, bacon, onions, mushrooms, ground beef, pepperoni, and sausage.


10. Hawaiian Pizza

When you think of a Hawaiian pizza, the first topping that might come to mind is pineapple. If you’re not a fan of pineapple on pizza, then move along. BUT if you’re looking to broaden your taste palette, then a Hawaiian pizza might be just what you’re looking for. Hawaiian pizza typically includes pineapple and ham on a traditional tomato sauce and cheese pie. 


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