Have you ever wondered what makes pizza from New York taste so much better than pizza from anywhere else? Perhaps it’s the minerals in the water supply, the technique used to make it, or maybe it’s simply an illusion. There are several theories as to why New York pizza is so good, so come along with us for a deep dive into a few of them and we’ll let you decide the answer for yourself! 

New York Pizza Theory 1: It’s All A Placebo

Is the pizza really that good or are you just in New York? You’ve seen it in movies, it’s no secret that New York’s culture has been long tied to pizzerias, so maybe you already had some preconceived notions about how New York pizza will taste. Eating a slice of pizza with New York as the backdrop is unquestionably going to make the experience feel more authentic, therefore swaying the taste. With all of the hype around New York’s pizza of course it’s going to taste at least slightly above average to any visiting tourist.

New York Pizza Theory 2: Confirmation Bias

So we’ve explained why the delicious taste of New York pizza may just be a placebo effect for tourists, although native New Yorkers aren’t completely safe from influence either. With New York being one of the most renowned cities when it comes to pizza for as long as anyone can remember it’s hard not to develop at least a slight superiority complex about your city’s culinary expertise. However, this complex may create a little bias, with the pride New Yorkers take in their beloved pizza, of course they will declare it the best. 

New York Pizza Theory 2: The Water Supply

New York has been known to have “soft water” which may have some influence on the quality of bread, bagels, and you guessed it: pizza! The majority of the city’s water comes from the Catskill or Delaware watersheds, where it is then transferred to the Hillview Reservoir for chemical treatment and pH balance. After this, the water travels through a roughly 7,000 mile nexus of pipes in order to reach residents of the city after its 3-12 month journey. This process is the reason for New York having the best of the best when it comes to tap water and the 2nd softest water in all of the country. It’s theorized that New York’s superior water supply is directly linked to the superb quality of their pizza dough. Maybe there is something really unique about the quality of New York pizza and it’s not just biased opinion after all. 


New York Pizza Theory 3: Generational Wisdom

There is another theory to explain why New York pizza is so tasty which is much more simple: it’s the people who are making it. New York City is filled with pizzerias (AKA pizza shops or pizza restaurants) that have been passed down from generation to generation. However, not only are the pizzerias themselves passed down, so are the techniques and knowledge about pizza making. The necessary skills and expertise to create a quality pizza pie should not be understated, from fermentation to ingredients, crafting a pizza to perfection takes time and wisdom. That being said, New York has a bit of an advantage as many of their highest rated pizza makers have lineage that traces back to the early 1900s. That is quite a bit of time to perfect your art! 

Final Thoughts

In reality, it’s most likely that there are several reasons why New York pizza tastes so much better than other pizza. Although we’d guess the main reason for its brilliance is the New York pizza makers themselves. There is an undeniable truth that their passed down wisdom has some substantial influence on their craft. But we also can’t entirely rule out New York’s water supply and the overall aesthetic of the city because it is possible that these factors have some influence on the quality and perception of the pizza as well. We don’t know what the reason is for sure, but we do know that pizza from New York is delicious!

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