Choosing what kind of pizza to order can sometimes feel like life or death – ok, that might be a little dramatic. However, there are so many different kinds of pizza styles and types that it really can be difficult to choose. To make the choosing process a bit more fun and hopefully easier, below we have created pizza characters of the most common types pizza. Before we jump into this blog, make sure to follow us on social media to stay in-the-know of all things Empire including our holiday hours, and daily pizza specials! Now without further ado: Choose your pizza character! 


Common Types Of Pizza

We have based the below “pizza characters” off of the fact that these common pizza styles can be found in nearly every pizzeria regardless of where you’re at! If you think you have a better pizza character than the ones we’ve created, then tell us about it in the comment section below.


Cheese Pizza

Let’s start with the classic cheese pizza. Cheese pizza is for old souls, plain janes, and for anyone who likes the simple things in life. It’s a kid favorite and always a safe bet for bigger groups. Cheese pizza would be the character that everyone likes, but doesn’t always appreciate. Cheese pizza: the OG world traveling comfort food that has developed numerous spin-offs all around the world. The cheese pizza character is that quiet kid in the class that’s surprisingly cool.


Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza is next. Pepperoni pizza is for those who either are just stepping out of their comfort zone or they’ve been choosing this character for their entire lives. It seems that you either like pepperoni pizza or you don’t as very few people are a “sometimes pepperoni pizza” type of person. If you choose this character, this is what’s being assumed about you: you had your first slice of pepperoni pizza at an elementary school pizza party and you haven’t looked back since. But let’s be real… who doesn’t love the crisp crunch of a pepperoni pizza?? There’s got to be a reason why so many people like it considering that it’s America’s most popular pizza style!


Italian Sausage Pizza

Moving on up the character list, sausage pizza basically belongs to Chicagoans. Have you ever heard of someone who lives in Chicago and doesn’t LOVE sausage pizza? Yeah, neither have we – who can blame them though? Sausage on pizza just hits differently because of the fennel or sometimes anise seeds that are mixed in with the sausage which is then cooked to perfection, placed intentionally on the pizza, and finally sent out the door to the customer. The Italian sausage character is charismatic in the way that it’s just on another level.


Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza is for those looking to prove a point. The Hawaiian pizza character loves controversy, but is up for trying things typically deemed “out of the norm”. The Hawaiian pizza character knows what they want and isn’t afraid to express it. They often think outside the box and the surprising topping choice is what makes this character unique. Hawaiian pizza is the life of the party which only a certain type of person can enjoy. But on the low, pineapple DOES belong on pizza


Veggie Pizza

So first and most obviously, the veggie pizza character is vegetarian. The veggie pizza character is opinionated, but is often referred to as “the splash of color” that is so desperately needed in a meat-leading industry. A step below supreme pizza, the veggie pizza gives you a variety of flavors with each bite. What makes a veggie pizza so desirable is the fact that each individual vegetable that’s used is perfectly crisp, exploding with flavor in your mouth. You might think the lack of meat on this pizza would make it “light”, but make no mistake that veggie pizza is very filling. 


Common Types of Pizza at Empire Slice House Plaza

What pizza character do you choose? We would love to know in the comments below! Regardless of what “character” you choose, though, we think it doesn’t matter what pizza style you choose, as long as it’s a NYC style pizza. If you still aren’t sure which pizza is for you, then stop by Empire Slice House – Plaza or one of our multiple pizza shops. We are a full service pizza restaurant and bar that specializes in different variations of a NYC style pizza. Visit our website to view our full menus, to order pizza online, see our different pizza place locations, see our daily pizza slices, apply for a job, or just to keep up with us on Instagram. Stop by our pizza place and enjoy a slice of a common type of pizza (or not so common type pizza) in OKC!



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