Having pizza leftovers happens to the best of us, it’s unexpected especially when it is from a great pizzeria. We have to cherish those times and try to have the same amazing, delicious moment a second time when we reheat it. So with that being said, how do we store our pizza leftovers for the best results? Here we will show you ways that will give you the flexibility but also the needed information to continue to enjoy mouth-watering pizza over and over again. Great pizza can be stored in two locations: Refrigerator  or in the freezer. We cover the best ways to store leftover pizza in this blog, so keep reading!


How to Store Pizza in the Refrigerator

The most common place to store pizza is in the refrigerator. Some wrap it in foil or maybe even just in the cardboard box it came in, either way works. Great pizza deserves great storage, so when picking the location for preserving your pizza we should take account of how to preserve the freshness. The best way to store in the refrigerator is to first line paper towels at the bottom of an airtight container. This ensures that the pizza stays dry, no one wants a soggy pizza. Before placing your pizza in the refrigerator let it cool to room temperature. When you have multiple slices to store, you will want to place paper towels in between each slice. Once you have placed all slices in the airtight container then you can proceed to place them in the refrigerator. 


How to Store Pizza in the Freezer 

Those that will need to store pizza for a long period of time or might not have room in the fridge should place their pizza leftovers in the freezer. We recommend that you use an airtight container when freezing leftover pizza. If that is not available, then you can wrap the pizza in plastic wrap followed by aluminum foil on the outside. The best results would be to wrap each slice individually to limit the chance of freezer burn. 


Storage time 

  • Refrigerator

The max amount of time that you should store your leftover pizza is five days. Typically people don’t leave pizza left in the fridge for that long, but the option is there. The recommended storage length is three days or less to keep the freshness and taste. 


  • Freezer

Storing leftover pizza in the freezer gives you a lot more time to keep leftovers. 60 days is the max amount of time you are able to keep leftover pizza in your freezer. 


Reheating Leftover Pizza 

The best part about leftover pizza is that you have even more pizza the next day! There are three main avenues to reheating leftover pizza, which includes the oven, stovetop and microwave. 


  • Oven

Reheating pizza in the oven is the longest reheating method but it’s also the tastiest method. When you warm up leftovers in the oven, the taste, smell and texture closely resembles the first time. That’s what we all are striving for: the original, fresh, wonderful aroma of pizza


  • Stovetop

A good method if the oven isn’t available, is stovetop. This gives leftover pizza crispy crust, melted cheese, and great toppings. A pro tip is to add a little water to the pan to create steam, which will help in heating toppings. 


  • Microwave

The quickest option but also the option that gives your leftover pizza a not so desired texture, is reheating pizza in the microwave. Pizza often gets soggy, the crust is hard and at that point was it better cold?


The Best Pizza to Reheat from Empire Slice House Tulsa

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