With pizza being a worldwide favorite, there’s no doubt that there are specific pizza places and pizza styles that some states prefer over others. Empire Slice House has taken a look at what kind of pizza styles each state prefers. Below we have listed the 50 states in alphabetical order along with the preferred pizza style that most people in that region prefer. Some of these pizzas you may not have ever heard of because let’s face it, there are so many twists and additions to pizza that can be made. With New York and Chicago styles of pizza being the most common inspirations for other styles of pizza, in this list below we see all kinds of different takes on these favorites! Without further ado, let’s jump in! 


Most Popular Pizza Styles by State

Like we mentioned above, below each state is listed in alphabetical order, however you might notice that several of the states don’t have a pizza style next to them. That’s because those particular state inhabitants aren’t partial to any particular type of pizza!



BBQ Chicken pizza that uses Alabama’s white sauce as a substitution for BBQ sauce.



There’s no official most popular pizza style for Alaska, but they do have an interesting array of topping preferences including reindeer sausage and salmon!



Arizona Artisan pizza style is a go-to for Arizonians. This pizza style is a freshly made, thin crust with fresh ingredients on top as well including arugula, figs, etc. 



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



California style pizza is most known for its crazy toppings. The majority of the toppings are sustainable ingredients such as goat cheese, artichoke hearts, avocados, etc.



The Colorado Mountain Pie that features a braided crust and an absurd amount of toppings above AND below a layer of cheese is the pizza style that Colorado is known for.



A pizza that’s topped off with tomato sauce along with grated pecorino romano cheese can be found at a Connecticut pizza place favorite: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. This pizza style is called the New Haven.



Delaware style pizza sure is a head-turner. Its signature look features a giant swirl pattern, making it stand out! This style is named after its inventors, Grotto pizza.



Cuban style pizza has taken over pizza lovers of Florida. Cuban style pizza has a thick, doughy crust with a thin layer of toppings including mozzarella and gouda cheese. 



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite! (would peaches be good on a pizza?)



There’s no one more passionate about pineapple on pizza than Hawaiians. 



Although there isn’t an official Idaho pizza, there are a couple of widely popular pizzas like the potato and bacon pizza that can be found at The Pie Hole in Boise, or The Shotsy which is more popular in northern Idaho.



Illinois, home to Chicago style pizza! Do we NEED to say more??



In north Indiana, Chicago style pizza still has a stronghold on the residents, however further south, people typically go towards the more tavern style, Papa John type of pizza.



Iowa residents have soooo much love for pizza! Not just any pizza, though. Specifically pizza from Casey’s convenience store. Yep, you read that right–pizza from a convenience store, specifically their breakfast pizza is a state favorite!



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



Although Louisiana doesn’t have an official state style pizza, Cajun pizzas are widely popular. 



Maine’s pizza style comes from Portland which is a thick and gooey, Sicilian style pizza. A single pizza pie is 1 lb and a local favorite! Cut up in squares rather than triangles, the pizza pieces are referred to as slabs.



A biscuit-like crust in a rectangle shape and its use of provolone cheese is a must try pizza style when you’re in Maryland.



The Massachusetts pizza is a Greek style spin-off that’s made its way over to England! This pizza style includes a soft, thick crust that has oregano tomato sauce and a blend of different cheeses. Of course, everything is drenched in olive oil too.



Michigan’s pizza style is obvious: Detroit style pizza. Check out our other blogs to learn what makes a Detroit style pizza different from NYC and other popular pizzas. 



“Sota style pizza” features square-cut pieces that are each loaded with cheese and other toppings you prefer. It’s sauce is known for being both sweet and spicy.



The only notable thing about Mississippi pizza is that it’s a normalized thing to put French dressing on top of your pizza. Some people even use Catalina dressing!



It’s no surprise that Missouri’s pizza style of choice is the cracker-thin Sy.Louis style pizza that is accompanied by a sweet sauce.



Monata style pizza, only created in 2021, includes local, fresh ingredients and sourdough crust. 



Omaha style pizza is a Nebraskan favorite, with a flaky biscuit crust and ALL the meat toppings!



Nevada doesn’t have their own official pizza style, however, Las Vegas pizzas are thriving just fine.


New Hampshire

There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!


New Jersey

New Jersey style pizza is said to be a slightly saucier and crispier New York style pizza.


New Mexico

New Mexico pizza is any kind of pizza you want–but add green peppers!!


New York

Uuuuhhhh, do we really even NEED to discuss New York style pizza?!


North Carolina

Someone once said, North Carolina style pizza comes in a Domino’s box…. I guess that counts!


North Dakota

There isn’t a  pizza style that is a state favorite!



Ohio Valley style pizza and Brier Hill style pizza are most popular in Ohio. The Valley style pizza is cooked in squares with the sauce applied before cooking, and topping applied after it’s fully cooked. The Brier Hill style pizza is cooked in a pan and covered in thick layers of sauce and toppings including bell peppers and Romano cheese.



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite–help us make New York style pizza from Empire Slice House a statewide fav!



Oregon style pizza will ALWAYS have a thick and pasty sauce that is spiced with herbs and pepper flakes. Toppings are added per preference. 



The Pennsylvania, Old Forge style pizza that’s cooked on a tray and leads people to have bigger egos. Ok, not really, but Pennsylvanians claim that they are the pizza capital of the WORLD.


Rhode Island

Grilled pizza, also sometimes known as “pizza strips” because it’s literally just bakery bread cut into strips with sauce on top… typically there isn’t even any cheese!


South Carolina

There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!


South Dakota

There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



Texas BBQ Pizza… enough said.



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



There isn’t a  pizza style that is a state favorite!



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!


West Virginia

There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



There isn’t a pizza style that is a state favorite!



Washington is taking its place on the map of the most unusual pizza style, replacing tomato sauce with mustard! The pizza is topped with some of the more typical ingredients such as mozzarella cheese and sausage, but onions and sauerkraut are also “necessities” for a Washington style pizza



There have been many debates about what pizza style should be considered Wisconsin’s state pizza. The most common style we saw in our research was a pan pizza made with Crisco on a belt oven. As far as toppings go, traditional toppings are loaded on top.


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