Have you ever been out and about and thought to yourself, “Man, a nice slice of pizza pie would be the perfect way to fill my rumbling tummy.” and only Tulsa’s favorite pizza will do?

That is sure to change shortly because Empire Slice has a new location in the heart of Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and we are positive that it will become a favorite for your family and friends (if it’s not already). 

What is Empire Slice House?

You might be wondering “Why is this even a big deal? It’s just pizza.”

Oh no, my friend. It is so much more.

The vibes? Immaculate. The staff? Amazing. The pizza? Incredible.

Rachel Cope, owner and founder of Empire, opened her first location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2013. She is known for her irrepressible dynamic energy combined with that “we can do this” attitude and has translated that into the way she runs her business. She worked in the service industry for a few years after college until she opened the Plaza District location of Empire Slice House in 2013. For the people working under her, it makes her an even more relatable supervisor considering she knows the industry from top to bottom. 

Empire is one of many tasty stops under its umbrella company, 84 Hospitality, also owned and operated by Rachel Cope. The Tulsa pizza place location of Empire Slice House is the third pizza place location for the chain. 

What Can They Offer Me?

If you are someone who has a food allergy, on a restricted diet, or are just plain picky, you may have a habit of checking a menu before going to a restaurant to make sure there is something for you to eat. Let me tell you – that’s not something you’d have to do with Empire Slice House. There is a little bit of something for everyone!

Salads, pizza, and apps – oh my! No matter your palette, we’ve got it all. 

Are you someone who can scarf down a whole pizza without looking back? That’s a “can do.” Are you a very picky vegan with a gluten allergy? That’s also a “can do.” Are you only slightly hungry and need something small to keep from getting hangry? Yummy appetizers and desserts are made for that! Maybe you’re just wanting to catch up with a friend over drinks? Alcoholic or not, there’s a plethora of options (including local draft beers and “mock”-tails).

To answer the original question: “What can Empire offer me?” 

Everything. The answer is everything

Why Would I Even Be There?

Funny you should ask – Empire Slice Shop in Tulsa is a 5 minute drive from the Tulsa Convention Center (The Cox Business Convention Center). Especially during the summer months, there is a long list of events located there and you may be an attendee at one or two! Empire Slice House would be the perfect pizza place to grab a bite after exerting all of your energy. 

Support a friend at the Nexstar National Talent Competition.. Then order a pizza slice at Empire! Celebrate life at the Senior Services event next month… Then order a pizza slice at Empire! Attending Wild Brew 2022 at the Tulsa Convention Center? Order a pizza slice at Empire!

It seems like the best way to end a day, but I guess you could say we’re biased. But then again, you probably would be too if you ordered a slice. 

Tulsa’s Favorite Pizza Is At Empire Slice House

I think you get the gist of what we’re trying to say. If you don’t, here’s a quick summary: Empire Slice House is now in the heart of Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and if you are looking for Tulsa’s favorite pizza place, stop on by. We know you will love it. 

Come see us in person, order online, or give us a call for any questions! We’re happy to serve you and the ones you love.

417 N Main St. Tulsa, OK 74103

(405) 557-1760

Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm | Friday-Saturday 11am-Midnight | Sunday 11am-10pm


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