If you are looking for the best pizza in Tulsa, Oklahoma, look no further than the Ghostface Killhah. This pizza creation can only be found at Tulsa’s best pizza place, Empire Slice House. Sound familiar? If you can identify who this pizza is named after, you are a music superstar. This pizza is appropriately named as it comes with a punch that could leave you feeling like you just left a Rammstein concert instead of a Wu-Tang show. Read on to see what makes this pizza so delicious and decide if you are up to the challenge of the Ghostface Killah pizza.


Not Your Average Ingredients

It is sometimes amazing how less can be more. The Ghostface Killah is the same way. With only 5 ingredients, this pizza has less toppings than a lot of our other pizzas. But when you taste the flavors together, your stomach will be ready for more. Let’s look at the flavors that were created for this pizza.


Ghost Pepper Marinara Sauce

Yes, you heard me right. Ghost pepper marinara sauce kicks this bad boy pizza off. If you are unfamiliar with the ghost pepper, it is one of the hottest peppers in the world! This pepper ranks on the Scoville scale with a score of 1,042,000 SHU! For comparison, the jalapeno pepper comes in with a score of around 4,000 SHU. We carefully add this ghost chili pepper to our already amazing marinara sauce giving your taste buds a kick (and your forehead a sweat).


Mozzarella Cheese

No pizza is complete without cheese. We use locally sourced, fresh mozzarella cheese on this pizza. We have found that the equation of fresh cheese on fresh pizza will equal fresh smiles & happy tummies. Never settle for anything less than fresh mozzarella cheese on your pizza.



The most popular pizza topping in America is pepperoni. Americans consume more than 250 million pounds of pepperoni every year. That’s a lot of spicy sausage! Some of our best pizza creations at Empire Slice House have pepperoni as a topping, such as the Notorious P.I.G., the Teflon Don, and the No Sleep Till Brooklyn pizzas. Since these pizzas taste so great and they are all NY themed, we thought we would include some pepperoni on the Ghostface Killah pizza as well. Enjoy!


Poblano Chilis

Just like the Wu-Tang Clan, one hit was never enough. That’s how we felt about the peppers on this pizza. Ghost peppers are great but so are poblano chilis. Now we know what you are thinking, won’t adding more peppers to this pizza make it too hot? Surprisingly, the answer is no. The poblano chili is much milder than the ghost chilis and helps to balance out the heat. All while providing an amazing taste that compliments the ghost pepper. Trust us, you will want more.


BBQ Potato Chips

Huh? Yes, this pizza comes with a sprinkling of BBQ potato chips on top. Not only does the BBQ flavor of the chips combine nicely with the other toppings on the pizza, it also provides a happy crunch when you bite down on it. Plus, the BBQ flavor is not overpowering like on some of those other guy’s pizzas. This hint of BBQ adds just the right kick to the flavor of this pizza.


Get A Ghostface Killah Slice At Empire Slice House

If this is sounding like one of the strangest pizzas out there, you might be right, but Ghostface Killah was also a strange rapper. That is why this pizza was designed in his honor in the way that they both pack an unlikely punch that is uncommonly smooth but will not soon be forgotten. Come on down to downtown Tulsa and enjoy a Ghostface Killah pizza at Empire Slice House today. The Ghostface Killah doesn’t sound appealing to you? Check out our full online menu to find something you would like! We have daily pizza slices and a menu full of pizza & things that everyone can enjoy. So, bring some friends too and grab a drink at our bar full of craft beer, wine & specialty cocktails such as our house made Electric Feel. Don’t have time to hang out at our pizza place? We have pizza slices to go or you can order online. We’ll happily have your pizza delivered in Tulsa. Thanks for hanging out with us at our amazing pizza place and we hope you will enjoy The Sting of the Ghostface Killah.






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